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When you hire a process server to deliver your legal documents, you have every right to expect professionalism, and reliability, as well as effective communication to keep you updated on the status of the assignment. We understand your expectations, and we strive to exceed them each, and every time we work with you. 

 Our process servers are highly experienced, and operate under the highest of professional, and ethical standards. We strive to complete each assignment in a timely manner.  We handle each unique case with success in mind .

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What is service of process?

Rules of Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure determine the proper form of legal process and how it should be served. The rules vary among federal and state courts, but they are meant to give the defendant notice of the proceedings and to command him to either respond to the allegations or to appear at a specified time and answer the claim or criminal charge. All parties must be notified if they are facing legal action against them in a court of law. Process Servers are responsible for delivering necessary legal documents to the concerned parties. Documents describing the legal action, are summonses, subpoenas, complaints, writs, and order to show cause, these are just some of the examples of legal documents.

What does a professional process server do?

Process Servers are responsible for delivering necessary legal documents to the concerned parties. Some states require process servers to be licensed or registered, and all process servers must adhere to all state regulations governing legal
service of process. Process servers typically locate the parties named on the document, deliver the documents, verify the person's identity before handing over the papers, and provide a signed proof of service. This proof of service - also called the affidavit of service - details the parties involved, the subject's name, time, date and location of the service of process. This document is presented in court to verify that successful service of process occurred.

Why do I need a process server?

Service of process must be carried out by a professional who understands the state laws, is well-versed on best practices and is licensed if required in that state. Specific laws, and guidelines cover process serving in each state. Failure to follow legal procedures can result in legal issues for other parties in the court case, which is why you should leave service of process to a professional. This process helps to protect the rights of all involved. An experienced, and knowledgeable process server will do everything by the book, and make it easy to demonstrate that you fairly notified the other parties of impending legal action. The role of a process server is challenging and also an extremely important part of the legal system.

We're always available to answer your questions, so please contact us if you need more information about service of process, or Legal Interpretation & Translation Spanish / English .


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